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Summer knitting faves: Juniper Moon Farms Cumulus

June 23, 2017

Near where I live is a man who has a miniature weather station in his garden, who sometimes announces interesting weather on our area's Facebook page.

This week he revealed that my little corner of the country had experienced the second hottest day ever recorded locally since 1937! Needless to say, a heatwave that extreme doesn't really feel like knitting weather!

Happily the temperature has cooled a little, and it got me thinking about lovely yarns for summer.


Juniper Moon Farm's Cumulus is perfect yarn for summer knitting. Like its name, it's a fluffly cloud of a yarn! It's almost pure cotton with a smidge of nylon for strength, and is spun into a really light chainette that's super soft against the skin.

As it's a chunky yarn it's ideal for quick projects. The Gale Point wrap would be perfect to take on holiday.


The extra large lace holes on the mini Caldera poncho would let just enough of a breeze through to keep you cool on warm evenings.


I'm not sure what you call this kind of garment. Is it a cape? Whatever name you think it should have (the pattern is called Seapoint) there's no question it would be a great choice for covering up a little at a wedding or summer party.


For a more classic choice, the simple lace Faros cardigan would be a quick knit and would go with everything.

Cumulus is available in 16 neutral and bright shades, with some really summery options. Time to cast on!



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