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Dreaming of blankets: Fruity DK

January 27, 2017

My house has a lot of blankets.

Between the giant crochet granny square which covers our bed, to the Hama bead-inspired heart design I dreamt up in a moment of madness (see below for proof!), and countless quilts I've stitched over the years, we aren't short of covers to keep us cosy.

Heart blanket

And yet recently I've been hankering after a new blanket project.

There's something very satisfying about working on a blanket.

For a start, you can just pick it up now and then, knit or crochet a few rows or squares and then set it aside. As long as you've got a basket or project bag big enough to keep it in, it doesn't really matter how long it takes you to make it.

As it grows, you can even benefit from its cosiness by sitting underneath it as you work.  Surely it has to be the only yarn project you can use before you've even finished it?!

I also love the flexibility of blankets. Without the need to fit a human body, you can take any blanket pattern and make it in whichever yarn you fancy.

If it's designed for thicker yarn your blanket will come out smaller, if the pattern was originally for finer yarn it will come out bigger. But, of course, you can get around that very easily by just adding more or less pattern repeats, rows, or blocks of your chosen design.

DY Choice have just brought out a new yarn, Fruity DK, which will be perfect for lighter throws for spring and summer.


If comes in 10 fresh shades, meaning you can really go to town if rainbow granny squares are your thing.

It is also machine washable at 30 degrees C, which is super-helpful if, like me, you have dogs and small people on a mission to mess up your house!


With the inherent flexibility of a good blanket pattern in mind, here are some ideas for projects from DY Choice.


La Paz is a colourwash DK yarn from DY Choice which works beautifully in simple designs like this crochet blanket (leaflet DYP314) Substitute Fruity DK for a crisper finish, thanks to its sheeny stitch definition.


This sweet design (leaflet DYP106) originally used DY Choice BabyJoy DK and makes a beautiful christening blanket.


Leaflet DYP216 is designed for DY Choice Aran with Wool so just crochet some extra squares to get a blanket the same size! Magic!


Cotton Fresh DK designs translate brilliantly to Fruity DK. This lace throw has an easy-to-learn stitch repeat. Find the pattern in leaflet DYP318.

What will you make in Fruity DK? Tell us in the comments below!

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